Thank you for your interest in the Southwestern Association of Toxicologists. We are a regional scientific organization serving primarily the states depicted in our logo above. All of our members are actively engaged in forensic, clinical, or environmental toxicology, or are students with an interest in toxicology.

To be eligible for SAT membership the applicant must:
  • Be actively engaged in the field of toxicology, or be an undergraduate or graduate student interested in chemistry, toxicology, or the forensic sciences.

  • Obtain recommendation/sponsorship from at least two individuals who are currently members. The membership committee may accept professional references from non-members pending review of your curriculum vitae and other circumstances.

  • Complete a membership application and enclose a non-refundable $30 application fee. This will serve as your first year’s dues should you be accepted.

All applications are submitted to the Membership Committee and presented to the Board of Directors at each semi-annual meeting for review (April and November). Pending acceptance, dues will begin in July of the following fiscal year.

Mail completed applications along with the application fee to:

Southwestern Association of Toxicologists
c/o Aria McCall, Membership Chair
Dallas County Institute of Forensic Sciences
2355 N. Stemmons Frwy
Dallas, TX 75207